More Than 70,000 Foodies Attended Jakarta Culinary Feastival 2018 / by irvan wahyudi


The fifth edition of Jakarta Culinary Feastival welcomed more than 70,000 foodies throughout its 4-day run on 1-4 November at Senayan City.

A total of 72 tenants was featured across 6 zones of the festival that was split into 2 tents — Spoon Tent and Fork Tent — located across Senayan City’s North Lobby and South Lobby respectively. Spoon Tent hosted the Restaurant Area, GO-FOOD Festival, and Main Bar, while Fork Tent housed the always brewing Coffee Room, Dessert Garden, and the festive Market Place area.

On the last day of the festival, a diverse range of cooking demos hosted by the some of the region’s culinary stars took place in Fork Tent. Highlights included Indonesia’s living icon Sisca Soewitomo’s “Permata Dari Jawa Timur” show and MasterChef Australia 2017’s runner-up Ben Ungermann’s very own “A Taste of Holland” cooking demo.

Festival goers also took part in various activities such as the Mie-stery Box Challenge, Burger Stacking Competition, GO-FOOD’s interactive photo booth, and world’s spiciest noodle eating contest.

One of the main highlights of the festival’s fourth day was Revo’s Kids Cooking Class in the Masterclass area. Revo, who’s now arguably one of the nation’s most famous chefs, found his then-new passion in cooking in the same Kids Cooking Class back in JCF 2012. This year’s JCF marked Revo’s last appearance before flying off to New Zealand to pursue his dream of enrolling in a cooking academy at Le Cordon Bleu.

Over at Spoon Tent, various Chef’s Table session hosted by the festival’s brightest culinary stars took foodies to our dining table. Potato Head Jakarta’s head chef, Aditya Muskita, and Mr Fox Jakarta’s Vebrina Hadi took turns to showcase their signature dishes to participating foodies.

JCF 2018 reached its climax with a mixology demo by Agung Prabowo, representing The Old Man’s Hong Kong that currently sits on number 10 of World’s 50 Best Bars.

In its fifth edition, JCF delivered its 360 degrees culinary festival experience for the capital’s foodies through its 4 main pillars; taste, sip, learn, and fun. “At JCF 2018, festival goers experienced more than just eating and drinking,” said Sarah Deshita, Ismaya Live’s Brand Manager. “Foodies got to interact with their most favorite culinary stars across 100 free activities and 30 Masterclass and Chef’s Table sessions,”

“We hope that everybody who celebrated JCF 2018 with us is inspired to explore the wonderful culinary world even further. See you at JCF 2019,” Sarah continued.